8 Motorola Smartphones with Desirable Features

Today, most of us are heavily dependent on our smartphones for a significant chunk of our activities—from ordering groceries and household items to managing finances and acquiring information. Therefore, owning a good-quality smartphone has become a prerequisite to a comfortable existence. Among the several popular brands, Motorola is a household name for its excellent products […]

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4 most affordable smartphones to choose from

Choosing a new smartphone can be tricky. There are way too many features to filter through. And after you know which features you want, you are presented with an ocean of phones that have them. It is one reason people take so long to decide which smartphone is the right choice for them. Fixing a […]

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Choosing the right phone plan

Choosing the right plan for your phone that works for you can be pretty tough. If you are not looking to get into any contract, then your search area is pretty vast. Earlier when carriers were offering contracts, things were pretty simple. But nowadays data plans, live streaming, and hotspots do come into picture while […]

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Here’s what you can expect from the new iPhone 11

After the great success of the iPhone X series, Apple is all set to introduce three new variants of iPhone this fall. It is expected that the phones will be launched as “iPhone XI” instead of iPhone 11. The upcoming product will include a budget-friendly successor to the iPhone XR, a midrange flagship successor to […]

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